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Jamroc Connection brings you the exciting flavours of Jamaica, direct from Jamaica. Read a little about the brands we sell below. Want to research a little more? Use the links to access their company websites. If youare keen to get your hands on one of our brands? Use the Shop brand button to view the range we have available.

Busha Browne’s artisanal sauces, preserves, rubs, jams and jellies deliver complex Jamaican flavour profiles to elevate your dishes!

Busha Browne’s products complement many styles of international cuisine, as well as recipes from Jamaica’s culinary traditions. All natural, no preservatives, low in sodium, Busha Browne’s products can be used in varied ways to bring new taste and flavour to your table.

In the Kitchen, at the Table, on the Grille, in Gifting, Busha Browne’s products will enhance the enjoyment of what you, your family and friends experience.

Eaton’s Jamaica is “The True Taste of Jamaica & the West Indies” in a variety of Jerk Seasonings, Jams, Sauces, Barbecues & Chutneys.  

King Pepper Products Ltd. is the proud manufacturer of “Eaton’s” brand seasonings and condiments for over 35 years. King Pepper is located near the beautiful and historic town of Falmouth on the north coast of Jamaica.  

Over the years Eaton’s product range has grown to include over 20 different products – all with a distinct Jamaican or West Indian flavour. 

Linstead Market Jamaica captures the soul of Jamaican cuisine. Canco Limited, producers of the Linstead Market Jamaica brand, began exporting world class canned ackees in 1986 and it has been the company’s flagship product ever since.  

Now one of the leading producers and exporters of ackees in the world, the Linstead Market Jamaica brand has become a household name. Linstead Market Jamaica ackees and the brand Linstead Market Jamaica are reminiscent of bustling market days where many shop busily for the necessary Jamaican staples to prepare our scrumptious national dish, Ackee and Saltfish with roasted breadfruit, boiled yam and green bananas. No doubt about it, these are the best canned ackees in the world for many reasons.  

In 1921 Norman Nash formulated and crafted the flagship Pickapeppa Sauce in his Mandeville kitchen as a hobby. In 1945 the formula was sold to Joseph Lyn Kee Chow, father of the present owners of the company. Pickapeppa Company then relocated to the present manufacturing site at Shooters Hill, Manchester, Jamaica.

Today, the Company prides itself in maintaining the original distinctive, taste, flavour, and quality of its flagship product and applies the same high standards to its newer products. During its long history, Pickapeppa has won numerous international awards and was the first in Jamaica to be awarded the Monde Selection Gold Medal with Palm Leaf.  


Let’s face it: when we think of snack food, we either imagine sugary or salty junk food or wholesome and healthy carrot and celery sticks. Truth is though, we’re being somewhat shortsighted.

Somewhere between the chips and lollies of our childhoods, and the raw veggies we’d like our children to eat, lies an entire range of natural, raw and organic snack foods.

Turbo Snacks Plantain Snacks are a scrumptious, crispy alternative to potato chips, rice crackers and wheat crackers. They are every bit as crispy, salty and more-ish as these traditional products but healthier though Gluten and GMO Free.


Tucked away in the hills of St. Ann, Jamaica – Walkerswood Caribbean Foods have worked to bring a taste of the Caribbean to the world with an innovative line of traditional seasonings, cooking sauces, spices, preserves and canned vegetables. 

Walkerswood developed its own Jerk Seasoning and was the first company to export Jerk Seasoning from Jamaica. Since then, their range of products have grown to over 15 and includes popular Jerk BBQ Sauce, Jonkanoo Hot Pepper sauce. These products have brought ease and convenience to preparing tasty Caribbean meals. 

MAMA JAMROC Caribbean Kitchen was created from passed down generations of family recipes from the small town of Savanna-la Mar in Westmore Parish, Jamaica. These traditional recipes, using traditional herbs and spices will create a real Jamaican inspired home cooked meal.